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Happy New Year! I'd apologise for the infrequency of postings, but fuck it.
bodybuilder (small)

The Prisoner

Some recent Cintiq sketches while watching The Prisoner.
prisoner2 (small)

The Blobby Boys

I read Alex Schubert’s Blobby Boys on What Things Do, and loved it. I picked up a print copy at Floating World in Portland as well. He makes cool comics.

I’ve noticed a meme of fan art for Blobby Boys on Tumblr lately, so I felt like drawing something too.

Carnet de l'Europe: Day 4

Carnet 12 (small)
Carnet 13 (small)
Question: Hey! Know what'd be fun?
Answer: "Like" the Space Jet Comics fan page on Facebook! Click HERE.

Carnet de l'Europe: Day 3

You can read ahead by "Like"ing the Space Jet Comics fan page on Facebook. Click HERE.
Carnet 07 (small)
Carnet 08 (small)

Carnet de l'Europe: Day 1

This is a travelogue of my 2011 trip to Belgium, France & Spain. I'll serialize it here, and you can also follow it on Facebook by "Like"ing the Space Jet Comics page. Day 2 is already up, there.

Carnet 01 (small)
Carnet 02 (small)
I've since found out that "floatation" is acceptable, although it is used far more infrequently.
Carnet 03 (small)
Carnet 04 (small)

Space Jet Comics Facebook page

It's been far too long since I did anything on this blog; I'll try and do better in the future. Here's a photo of all my mini-comics thus far, and an invitation to any and everyone to "Like" the Space Jet Comics Facebook page.

Stumptown Comics Fest 2012!

Steve LeCouilliard and I have a table this year at Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland, OR! Come visit, if you're in town! We're at table A8. Below is the chart. Also, Gabriel Frizzera and I did the inaugural Vancouver Fan Expo at the Vancouver Convention Centre last saturday & sunday. It was a real experience. Photos will follow. Also, I premiered Unicornography vol. 1, and Gabriel and I released a new Robot Monster comic book.

Unicornography Volume I

So, since I make all my crappy little comics myself and don't have a slicer strong enough to bind the Unicornography story when it's done anyway, I'm serializing it, in 2-3 volumes of about 28 pages each. At any rate, I'm going to be selling Unicornography volume I at the Vancouver Fan Expo on April 21st and 22nd. Hopefully. Wish me luck, I have a ton of irons in the fire, and this needs about 3 new pages of opening content.
Here's the cover:

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